anderson plays his way into the semi-finals

8 November, 2018

It was Norfolk’s Mervyn King up against Scotland’s Stewart Anderson in front of an arena packed to the brim with audience and the atmosphere was simply electric out there. It was Anderson that led the way producing some of the best bowls of the tournament and he had the crowd sheering him on bowl after bowl. Taking seven shots in the first three ends Anderson was simply on fire. King was playing very well but simply could not withstand the millimetre precision of Anderson who went on to take the first set 1.13.

Second set and it was King who upped his game and took a full house on the first end, Anderson responded with a double and again then only allowed King a single in the third end to give King a 5,2 lead. Then this young Scot turned up the pressure to full bore and produced simply outstanding bowls as he took the next four ends with a total of seven shots to go 5,9 in the lead. King still was playing well but Anderson continued to shut him down and on the eight end King only took a single leaving looking for a four count on the last end. With one bowl each left to play it was King that lay a tight three in the head, Anderson took his time and delivered a millimetre perfect draw bowl amongst King’s bowls and there was no shot for King to play with his last remaining bowl. King simply looked at the head, looked at Anderson, smiled and gave him a warm handshake to finish the match in a great sportsman’s respect for another. Anderson gets his ticket to the semi finals. 1,13 – 7,9.