Anderson pips King in the tie break for a place in the Quarter finals

Anderson action
20 January, 2016

First up today at Potters Resort in the Just Retirement World Professional Singles was Mervyn King against Stewart Anderson actionAnderson and was a much anticipated match by the packed arena audience. The first four ends it was King that seemed to not quite find his line and Anderson quickly took full advantage as he gained a 5-0 lead in the first four ends, King responded with a double on the 5th – but it was an on fire Anderson that took the next three ends and set 11-2.

The second set started and you could see straight away that King had learned the lines, settled down as blistered Anderson in the first 6 ends, anything Anderson could do, King could do better and it was 8-1 to King going into the 7th end. With King playing superb bowls he held Anderson down to allow him only a single each in the 8th and 9th end to leave King the master of the second set.

King ActionInto the tie break, first end to King, second end to Anderson so there we were looking at the last end of the match and two top players fighting it out and with King holding shot with mere inches to spare it looked as if Anderson needed to have an exact draw for shot and match. Anderson stepped onto the mat and to everyone’s surprise he launched a controlled runner down the rink – he picked the jack clean and followed through with his bowl to take the shot and match away from King with a match scoreline of: 11-2, 3-8, 2-1