anderson makes it to the second round

3 November, 2018

Clive Adams, Australian Qualifier, faced off against Scotland’s Stewart Anderson in the last but one match of the day and did not let the young Scotsman have it all his own way. In the first set Anderson got off to a 2-0 start taking two singles but Adams responded with great bowls to take the next three ends with singles. End 6 and Anderson took a single to level the score at 3 all. Anderson went on to whip out Adams bowls to take a double in end 7, again Adams responded with a single in end 8 but it was Anderson that sealed the first set 7-4.

Second set and Anderson upped his game one notch and made Adams fight every inch and was 5,2 up by the 6th end. Adams kept on coming though playing some really good bowls but it was Anderson that came out on top of the tussle to take the second set and match. 7-4, 6-4.