anderson makes the grade

6 November, 2019

Defending Champion of the Scottish International Open, Reigning World Indoor Champion to boot, Scotland’s Stewart Anderson, took to the portable rink up against England’s Mark Dawes, former World Indoor Champion to see who got the quarter final slot.

Set one was a great match with not a lot between them as the scoreline at end six shows, 4 all. Then in end eight 5 all. Great bowls played by both and kept the crowd enthralled. It was Anderson though that managed to pick off a final two against Dawes to take the first set 7,5.

Anderson looking on as Dawes steps up to bowl

Second set and it was a different story though, Anderson found top form and it was Dawes that just could not seem to get any rub of the green whatsoever. It was not that he was playing badly, Anderson was millimetre perfect and Dawes just a fraction out. This was enough to let Anderson gain a 10,2 lead by end six. For a moment in end seven it did look as if Dawes was going to make a comeback as he got two shots in, but it was all over as Anderson shut him right out of end eight, only allowing Dawes to get away with a single count, final score 10,5.