Anderson makes it through

7 March, 2016

Scotland’s Stewart Anderson took on the ex pugilist turned Pro Bowler, Stuart Irwin, in the third match of the afternoon in the International Open and though the final scoreline tells a one sided storey - it was anything but. Irwin played pretty good bowls and Anderson did have to turn the wick up to ensure he made it through - Anderson played some very good conversions and draw bowls to keep Irwin out of the fray and only allowed a spirited Irwin two shots in the first set.

The second set saw Irwin also turn on some superb form and it was a low shot count which saw the set tied at 4 all on the 6th end and it was at this point that Anderson finally shut the door very firmly on Irwin. Despite Irwin playing really well it was Anderson that fought him off to take the second set 8-4.