Anderson is given a fright

4 November, 2019

First match of the afternoon here at the Dewars Centre hosted by Live Action was between World No 1, Scotland’s Stewart Anderson, defending Scottish International Open Champion faced up with PBA Qualifier from Wales, Ross Tomlinson.

Into the first set and it was Tomlinson with first blood taking a swift three in end one. Anderson responded by taking a three in the second end and it was nip and tuck, bowl for bowl over the next few ends at at end five it was 5 all square. Tomlinson took two singles on the next two ends, end eight and it was Anderson that just snuck in for a single. Tomlinson lay game in end nine but it was ice cool Anderson that managed to take a single and square the first set at 7,7.

Tomlinson strides down to take a peek at the head.

Second set and it was Anderson that just lifted his game and Tomlinson that was just missing his line by fractions but these fractions were enough to swing the tide to Andersons favour. by the completion of end five it was Anderson ahead 7,3. Anderson went on to take the next three ends and take the second set and match 11,3.