Anderson gets a taste of the yips at the international open

7 March, 2017

First match of the evening session was between Scotland’s Stewart Anderson and Hong Kong’s Anthony Yip here at the Arena at Newton Hall.

It was Yip that turned on the power from the start to give Anderson a a bit of a fright, Yip took the first end with a single, Anderson took the second end with a single and then Yip responded taking two singles on the next two ends. Ends 5 & 6 saw saw both players taking a single apiece, then 7 & 8 exactly the same leaving Anderson looking for a last end of 3 shots - when the dust had settled again Yip had denied him and he had to settle for a single - so Yip took the first set 4-5.

Into the second set and Anderson changed tactic a little with different jack lengths and this gave Yip a problem and gradually Anderson picked up a head of steam and drew away from Yip. At the same time Yip did not quite get the rub of the bowls either and fortune seemed to drift away from him a little. By end 6 Anderson had stretched his lead to 9-1, Yip grabbed a double in end 7 but that was all Anderson allowed and the second set went 10-3 to Anderson.

Into the tie break and again it was Anderson that took control and swiftly then took first end, second end Anderson sat right on the jack and Yip just struggled to get near it - Anderson took the  tie break 2-0 and match to go through to the second round