All scottish final as Anderson pulls past harlow

9 November, 2018

The second semi final between Greg Harlow and Stewart Anderson was a much anticipated game and as the two players came out to the arena you could feel the excitement in the air. Being a home crowd the roof nearly lifted off when Anderson entered.

Into the first set and it was a nervous start from both players, tension was in the air and you could see it on both players. It was Anderson that took the initiative as he cleared the first six ends taking seven shots before Harlow could respond in end seven with a count of two shots. Then Harlow picked up and he took the next end with another double leaving him looking for a three to tie the first set. He held two but Anderson played clever bowls and made it too difficult for Harlow to get the three he needed.

Into set two and both players seemed to be feeling the tension out there on the rink but it was Anderson that again got a decent start going three up in the first two ends. Harlow, however, was having none of it and he took two great doubles over ends three and four. Anderson took a single count in end five to level the score at 4 all and then Harlow made a three count in end six to go 4,7 in the lead. Rumblings in the crowd as they saw the possibility of a tie break looming. Anderson dug in and took two shots out of end seven and then another two in end eight to go 8,7 in the lead. Down to the last end and it was Anderson holding shot and twice Harlow just went slightly overweight and went past by fractions. Anderson piled on the pressure and it was Harlow that just could not find that magic bowl he nearly always produces when needed and it is Anderson through to an all Scottish Final tomorrow. 7,5 – 9,7