Brett & Harlow bow out of World Indoor Pairs

10 January, 2016

Here at Potters ResorDSC_3985t in the Just Retirement World Professional Indoor Pairs Championship the second match of the afternoon was between the Cambridge duo of Nick Brett and Greg Harlow against Darren Burnett and Stewart Anderson. Brett and Harlow took a single on the first end but it was Burnett & Anderson that took the next with a three. Brett & Harlow took a three in the very next end but again Burnett and Anderson responded with a three on the next end. Again Harlow and Brett could only get a single on the 5th end and once again it was Burnett and Anderson that took another 3 on the 6th end to go 10-5 up going into the 7th end . Brett and Harlow managed a double in the 7th but Burnett and Anderson completed the set by taking a further two shots in the 8th end to complete the first set 7-12 to the Cambridge duo.

Going into the second set it was as if Brett and Harlow had kicked in a gear taking a triple on the first end and swiftly completing the second end with a further triple to go 6-0 in the lead. Burnett and Anderson however were not about to let this lie and swifty took a three in the third end followed by a swift single in the fourth and it was Brett and Harlow that were denying the Scottish duo any further big counts by taking a double in the 5th end and keeping the Scots at bay to take the second set 10-DSC_40036 and therefore forcing a tie break.

Burnett and Anderson took the first end of the tie break and into the second end it was all down to one bowl each left to play – Burnett had already drawn shot bowl within 3 foot to an off centre jack and Harlow then drew shot bowl leaving about 24 inches for Darren to either draw or remove the shot bowl for the match. Darren elected to draw and unbelievably was good for line but came up short so it went to the third end. Into the third end and with both leads having played their bowls it was Anderson who had drawn shot bowl about 2 inches behind the jack – Harlow elected to play a running bowl to move the jack or bowl and just missed his line and his bowl swung wide of the target – Burnett played his bowl to cover a sprung jack and Harlow played his last bowl again a running bowl – it looked ok to start with but started to move and again missed the intended target leaving Burnett & Anderson with match to go through to the Monday afternoon in semi final 2 against Andy Thomson MBE & Mark Royal.