Field makes it on a measure into the Ladies Singles Final

24 January, 2018

Final match here in the International Arena was the second semi final of the Ladies World Indoor Singles between Lancaster’s Janice Gower and Norwich’s Rebecca Field, both England Internationals and in the top 3 of the Professional Bowls Associations Ladies.

Set one commenced and it was a tight match in the opening rounds as both Ladies felt their way on the rink. It was Field that started slightly better with her lead bowls but Gower that played a better timing bowl when needed. By the completion of the sixth end though the scoreline was a mere 4 shots apiece. It was Field though that kept it together as she played really good lead bowls and took the next three ends with 7 shots to take the first set 4,11.

Into the second set and Gower had settled and outplayed Field in the first five ends to take an 8,1 lead. Field then settled, dug in her heels and produced some great bowls taking two singles and a two doubles to just fall one shot short of a tied end, set score 8,7 to Gower – Tie break. Field took the first end with a single though both players had a nervous end, into the second end, Gower took the first bowl and shot, Field played a great second bowl to take the shot and then both players tried to take advantage but the end all boiled down to the Umpire coming on to make the measure for shot bowl – it went to Field and she goes through to face Katherine Rednall in tomorrow’s Final at 1.00pm.