anderson overcomes the flu to win through

18 January, 2018

Last match of the afternoon was between Stewart Anderson, Scotland, and Tourcard Winner, Perry Martin from England. Anderson, who was suffering from an extremely heavy cold, knew he had to be on form to beat Martin in the first round match.

The first set it was definitely struggling Anderson as Martin set about bringing the World No. 7 to a swift finish. Taking a treble followed a single in quick succession from the struggling Anderson it looked as if Martin was set to romp home but Anderson managed to stem the tide with two singles. It appeared as if Anderson struggled again with his cold as Martin outplayed him in the next 4 ends to take the first set 2,10.

Second set and Martin again started with two singles, however, Anderson dug really deep, squared his shoulders and swept aside the cold as he set about ensuring he was going to win the second set and force a tie break to give himself a chance.  And by end six it was 5 all. Anderson really turned on the power and although Martin was playing superbly it was Andersons turn to finish off the set 9,5.

Tie break end and we saw extraordinary bowls from both players and Martin took the first set. With nailbiting bowls it was Andersons turn for the second end. Into the third end and Martin was set and match down, he had two bowls left, he elected to fire to spring the jack ( though he did NOT nominate to kill the end), he fired, the jack sprang out but went dead and on the respot it could not be closer as the marker indicated a measure, Anderson played his bowl but this still left some room, Martin played his and when it finished it was not in the count. A measure was called for and it went to Anderson, thus Anderson took the tie break and match 2,10 – 9,5 – 2,1.