Marshall at the top of his game

Alex & Stewart
22 January, 2016

Defending Champion AAlexlex Marshall MBE took to the rink in the second of the quarter finals against World Indoor Pairs winner Stuart Anderson. A game of chess followed with both Scottish men taking single counts over the first three ends of the opening set. The fourth end proved to be costly for Anderson when he saw defending champion Marshall pick up a three and take the lead in the set 5-2. It was then a one way street from Marshall as he dominated the rest of the first set and won it1 0-2.

Alex ActionThe second set looked to be going Marshalls way as well when he went into a 3-1 lead after three ends. A single at the next Ayrshire man Anderson was looking all at sea. A fortunate result off a runner in end five kept Anderson in the game at 2-4. Marshall then poured on the pressure in end six which left Anderson playing a runner again still to find the shot against him, Anderson then draws shot however with Marshall last delivery he takes Andersons closest bowl out and takes a count of two. Score 6-2 after six ends. Seventh end and Marshall again puts the pressure on with his first two bowls. Score 7-2 and Anderson has two shots against him with one delivery left needing two himself to keep the set going. Anderson misses and Defending Champion Marshall takes the set 9-2 and a place in the semi final where he will face Robert Paxton.